Medical Tourism

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In Velocity Fitness Clinic we bring our treatment to all patients who, regardless of where they reside, wishing to attend our centers. Therefore, we have developed special medical protocols that reduce time for those who move from other countries to solve their physiotherapy problems.

Patient Care

We also urge that if you already have medical tests that can guide us in the form attached. After accepting the date of the consultation and reviewed your case, we will indicate the average stay required and can organize the trip on transport that creates more convenient from your city of origin and book the hotel you prefer.

(Please note that the medical indications are performed after a first visit and the first physiotherapy tests, which may involve changes in transport or hotels reserved in advance. Keep this in mind when making your programming. Velocity Fitness Clinic is exempt of any claims that may arise for this reason).

Available treatments for international patients are:

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Non Resident Indian
Physiotherapy Assessment
Physiotherapy Treatment
Home Exercise Programme
Unlimited Skype Consultation with Prior Appointment
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For Your Elders
Physiotherapy Assessment at Home
Physiotherapy Treatment at home
Home Exercise Programme at home
Regular Telephonic Consultation and Review
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