• Details: 1 year paid internship program for physiotherapist who wants to excel in physiotherapy carrier.
  • Eligibility: BPT
  • Stipend: As per industrial norms.
  • Rewards: Top performers of internship will be eligible for fully funded Clinical startup, Cash incentives to top monthly performers and Continued professional development.
  • Work Details: Clinical Physiotherapy, Home Physiotherapy and Community awareness programs
  • Documents Required: Aadhar card, Mark sheet final year and Internship completion certificate
  • Patient Assessment and Diagnosis:

– Conduct thorough assessments to identify patients’ physical conditions and limitations.

– Formulate accurate diagnoses based on assessment findings and medical history.

  • Treatment Planning:

– Develop personalized treatment plans in collaboration with interdisciplinary teams.

– Set measurable goals and objectives to track patient progress.

– Modify treatment plans as necessary to ensure optimal outcomes.

  • Therapeutic Interventions:

– Administer a variety of therapeutic interventions, including manual therapy, exercises, and modalities.

– Educate patients on self-management techniques and home exercises.

– Utilize innovative approaches to enhance treatment effectiveness.

  • Documentation:

– Maintain detailed and accurate records of patient assessments, treatment plans, and progress notes.

– Ensure compliance with legal and ethical standards in documentation.

  • Collaboration:

– Collaborate with other healthcare professionals, such as physicians, nurses, and occupational therapists, to ensure comprehensive patient care.

– Participate in regular team meetings and contribute to interdisciplinary discussions.

  • Patient Education:

– Educate patients and their families on conditions, treatment options, and preventive measures.

– Provide guidance on lifestyle modifications to support long-term health.

  • Equipment and Facility Management:

– Ensure proper use and maintenance of physiotherapy equipment.

– Adhere to infection control protocols and maintain a clean and safe treatment environment.

  • Professional Development:

– Stay abreast of industry trends, new techniques, and evidence-based practices.

– Participate in continuing education to enhance skills and knowledge.

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