Onsite Physiotherapy

We provide Best Home Physiotherapy Services in Delhi

Why Home Physiotherapy

Physical therapy is indicated in many cases and there are many areas in which it is applied. From regain mobility in people of a certain age or mobility problems, recovery interventions, sports injuries or ailments simply by poor posture resulting from work or bad habits that can be corrected.

Home physiotherapists take care to form a network of qualified professionals specialized in different pathologies and guarantee the veracity of their training and experience. We offer a service of communication between therapists and patients where specialists have their own online profile which contains information such as your education, work experience, calendar, rates … To hire a service simply choosing the right professional for your case basis their location and needs

All our specialists are moved to the home carrying the necessary equipment for the treatment requested so time traveling in some cases patient immobility may be very complicated saving equipment. In the first consultation physical conditions, mobility.

There are several methods of treatment that therapists use to help patients. Some of these methods include:

1- Teach and practice functional skills development, motor skills and mobility
2- Therapeutic exercises strength, endurance and joint mobility
3- Balance and coordination activities
4- Support for recreation, games and leisure time
5- Adaptation of activities and daily care routines
6- Using assistive technologies
7- Recommendations on household activities
8- Consultation with family, teachers, community agencies and other service providers
9- The main objective of physiotherapy is to improve the functioning and mobility to promote participation in home, school and community.

Home physiotherapy in Delhi for home visit enables physiotherapists to address all patients receive their physiotherapy session saving time and hassle by not having to travel to the clinic of physiotherapist. We moved our office to your home carrying the stretcher and all necessary for physical therapy sessions at no additional cost in treatment material.

Our home physiotherapists are specialists in manual therapy treatments, we conducted sessions of approximately one hour helping our patients recover from any muscle, tendon or ligament disease.

Through our advice and working hand in hand with the physiotherapist got preventing and treating all kinds of sports Physiotherapy and orthopedic injuries accelerating recovery times.

We have specialists in different fields of physiotherapy which allows us to assign the correct physical therapist for each treatment. Our goal is to be your reference for physiotherapy, physiotherapist would like to be your bedside and you can turn to us with any questions or health problem in which we can act.

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