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We are a modern Medical Clinic

Velocity Fitness Clinic working since 1999 in this field. Daily handling patient strength of around 100 per day. From acute to subacute to chronic problems we are dealing in OPD every day from all departments ie orthopaedic, neurology, pediatric, gynogenetic, geriatric, surgery e.t.c.

where there is a number of therapy centres providing treatment through electronic machines only we understand that treatment cannot be complete until you spend some time exercising for the weak muscles. At velocity, we guide you the right way to exercise

We improve your quality of Life..

We understand the value of your time so we try not to keep you waiting for long for your turn of therapy. For this, we have multiple sets of latest machines and good strength of staff. Also, we do not keep you waiting in between one and second machine application as it waves off the effect of the preceding machine and makes a slow recovery.

We regularly keep in touch through SMS with our clients for motivating them for their home exercises and review their recovery from the therapist.


We constantly invest in high-end services.

Our therapists are professional and Postgraduate in qualification provide us with the expertise to reach the finest point of your problem and treat it accordingly. Short courses are done from professionals of Australia and New Zealand make us work in international standards for your speedy and safe recovery.

One of the main objectives of Velocity clinic is none other than to offer the maximum quality from the first contact, making a complete amnesics that allows physiotherapy develop a diagnostic target, with subsequent monitoring of the patient’s progress.

Each person has a unique evolution, despite presenting the same pathology. Getting a proper diagnosis is key to the treatment is effective.

Our treatment sessions are exclusively manual therapy, carried out by our team of qualified physiotherapists. The approximate duration of each session is 45 minutes, to provide quality treatment and most timely manner possible. 

Our centre is brand new and refurbished. Equipped with everything you need to treat our patients.

All our rooms are spacious and consist of natural lighting. We have adapted everything for the clinical environment you find it as cosy as possible.

Velocity Fitness clinic is located in the centre of New Delhi, Pitampura, one of the busiest streets in India.

We use clean towels, quality certified machines, clean bedsheets, best quality cotton and customized use of wax therapy and pain gel makes us uniquely clean and hygienic.

For the needy patients, we can arrange to pick up and drop facilities if required.

For your convenience we have all payment modules ie; cash, card, cheque, online transfer, IMPS.

Velocity Fitness Clinic, your physical therapy clinic in the centre of Delhi in the Pitampura.

We try to print in our sessions the utmost professionalism and possible humanely. We are fortunate to enjoy our work and try to solve your problems in the most effective way. If you have any pain or discomfort, do not hesitate to ask if we can help. We offer physiotherapy, osteopathy and Pilates.

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Talking about us


  • Earlier I was barely able to walk, it was painful but now Within a Week got 90% Healing. It was a really good experience. Thanks to Doctor Rajiv Mehta.
    Ashish Babbar Visited For Foot Injuries
  • Outstanding doctor, amazing staff that is all you want in all the doctors. If you want so, I recommend you to go to velocity. One of best physiotherapy centers in Delhi.
    Mr Gopi Visited For Shoulder Injuries
  • Yes he was kind,friendly,polite,trained and experienced doctor. His clinic was equiped with morden machines and was hygienic.
    Meenu Visited For Ankle Sprains
  • In Hectic corporate life we develop certain lifestyle diseases. I am blessed to have Dr Rajiv Mehta besides me to take care of my muscles and joints. He not only prevents me from theses lifestyle problems but also keep me fit for my passion is cricket.
    Manu Visited For Lower Back Pain
  • I found Dr Rajiv Mehta intelligent, hard working. His clinic too is very hygienic and well equipped My knee pain relieved in 2 weeks. Also my husband cervical got relief in just 5 days. I strongly recommend everyone Dr. Rajiv for physiotherapy treatment.
    Sudha Nidhi Visited For Knee Pain
  • Nice experience with Dr. Rajiv Mehta. He was concerned, explained me properly about my problem and the course of treatment. His treatment also showed good results. I visited him for my back problem 2 months back, now I again visited for ankle pain. From now he is my family physiotherapist.
    Mr Ramesh Visited For Lower Back Pain
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