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Velocity Fitness Clinic, Your Pain Healer & Best physiotherapist in Delhi. We try to print in our sessions the utmost professionalism and possible humanely. We are fortunate to enjoy our work and try to solve your problems in the most effective way. If you have any pain or discomfort, do not hesitate to ask if we can help. We offer complete physiotherapy solutions in Delhi.

Our team of physiotherapist in Delhi and NCR are all qualified & professional colleges in the College of Physiotherapists of Delhi. All with minimal experience of 8 years old in private physiotherapy and training in osteopathy, sports physical therapy, myofascial therapy, lymphatic drainage, dry needling, therapy during pregnancy etc.

  • We have up to 2 lac therapy session experience till today.
  • Spreading good health and fitness since 1999
  • Total 20000 families taking out services.
  • 93% positive feedback from patients.
  • Zero cancellation of therapy till date
  • 98% On time delivery of Physiotherapy session.
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Back Pain

Knee Pain

Foot Pain

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Physiotherapy is a profession of health sciences, characterized by seeking the appropriate development of the functions that produce the body’s systems, where his good or malfunction, affects the kinetics or human body movement.

It intervenes when human beings have lost or are at risk of losing or altering temporarily or permanently proper movement and thereby form the physical functions by using scientifically proven techniques. The professional in this area receives the title of Doctor or Physiotherapist.

Recover your well-being!

Our Physiotherapy treatment sessions are exclusively manual therapy, carried out by our qualified physiotherapist. The approximate duration of each session is 45 minutes, to provide quality treatment and most timely manner possible.

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